Four students sitting around a table as their teacher points towards a group of cards on the table.

The Brightpath assessments have been designed to provide teachers with detailed information about their students’ progression in learning and what their students need to learn next.

Formative Mathematics Assessments

Brightpath Formative Mathematics Assessments cover all strands of mathematics. Teachers can choose from a wide range of engaging tests which their students complete online.

The assessments have been designed so:

  • Teachers can use assessment as the starting point of their teaching
  • Students can learn from their errors and mistakes and be given second chances to succeed, and
  • Teachers can readily evaluate the success of their teaching.

For more information about the Brightpath Formative Mathematics Assessments, please download our brochure from this page.

Formative Writing Assessments

Brightpath Formative Writing Assessments assist teachers with providing engaging writing tasks that reflect good classroom practice. The assessments include comprehensive support for scoring students’ writing so that teachers and school leaders can be confident that their scores are accurate and comparable not only across teachers within the school but also across schools.

For more information about the Brightpath Formative Writing Assessments, please download our brochure from this page.

Brightpath Suite of Reports

Brightpath provides reports that enable teachers and students to quickly ascertain:

  • where students are in their learning,
  • where they need to go, and
  • how much progress has been made.

It is particularly challenging for school leaders and teachers to know, and demonstrate, how much progress students are making. Brightpath represents a significant breakthrough in enabling teachers to evaluate their students’ growth in learning.

Please see our brochure for more information about the Brightpath suite of reports.

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