Brightpath Training Workshops

Professional Learning Program for Term 2 & Term 3, 2019


Interpreting Brightpath data (New) - 19th September 2019 Presented by Dr Sandy Heldsinger

This full day Professional Learning is designed for schools who have signed up for the Brightpath Advanced Reports or for those schools that are considering signing-up in 2019.

Here’s brief synopsis of Sandy Heldsinger's workshop:

  • I will begin the workshop by taking you through the WA Brightpath usage data. Whilst, it is always interesting to see how schools are using Brightpath, the usage data has important implications for how you interpret the data. I will show you how to use the state data as a point of comparison when in evaluating your school’s performance and I will explain important caveats.
  • I will explain the statistics used in the advanced reports.
  • I will assist you in using the reports to evaluate the impact of your teaching programs on student learning.
  • I will explain the relationship between the Brightpath scale and the NAPLAN scale so that you can interpret your Brightpath data relative to your NAPLAN performance.
  • I will provide several different ways of setting targets.
  • I will help you evaluate the extent to which you are using the Brightpath reports to promote effective teaching.

Please remember to bring along your NAPLAN writing data and Laptops!

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WAPPA Brightpath Professinal Learning

School leadership as a lever for improving student outcomes means that today’s leaders must be very clear on which practices do and do not lead to school improvement. As a school leader, knowing why something is important, knowing what to do about it, knowing how to do it, and knowing when to do it are key questions to ask around assessment.

If you are looking to set up tailored Brightpath Professional learning, please contact Belinda Bewick.

Mindarie Primary school

Mindarie PS are running several moderation workshops this year, Narrative and Persuasive, including online moderation. Please see the Term 1 documents attached.


CEWA Brightpath Professional Learning

CEWA offer a range of Brightpath PL for new schools (implementation and planning); and for schools who have been using Brightpath for I year or more (analyse school data, student contribution and teacher confidence to identify and plan for future needs).

Please refer to the link below. Non - Catholic schools accepted. You may also contact Shelley Forbes for further assistance:

Oral Narrative

If you are looking for support in using the Oral Narrative assessment, please see The flier Tracks to Literacy - Rosemary Simpson, attached.

Contact Rosemary Simpson:

Phone: 0427476630