Monday, 28th August 4pm EST

Dr Heldsinger will share insights from the research about how student writing skills develop. 

Development looks slightly different for the different text types. Your teachers may already be aware of this in relation to the authorial aspects of writing but they may be unaware that different text types impose varying demands on how students craft sentences and paragraphs. They may also not be aware of the nuanced changes that occur in writing development. This lack of awareness can impede their ability to effectively teach writing. 

At the end of the session, you will receive resources to help you lead discussions with your staff about writing development and how they can refine their teaching and assessment of writing. 


Mark Scruby, Head of English P–12  Ballarat Clarendon College, VIC 

Mark Scruby is the Head of English and Languages other than English at Ballarat Clarendon College in Victoria. Ballarat Clarendon College is a K–12 school with over 1900 students that has gained national attention for its students’ progress between NAPLAN assessments and performance at VCE level. Over his 10 years with Clarendon, he has overseen curriculum reform in K–12 literacy instruction, that has focused on explicit instruction in writing, spelling and grammatical knowledge. He has used Brightpath to develop assessment strategies to assess the effectiveness of that curriculum.

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