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Please complete the below form to subscribe to Brightpath Assessments from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024.

For schools in Western Australia, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority has purchased a license for you to access Brightpath for both Literacy and Mathematics. To register, please contact

For schools in South Australia’s Department for Education, please email to register your interest.

  • Primary contact details

  • Invoicing details

  • Terms and Conditions of Service

    • Schools are charged a fixed cost per academic year (March to December), per student registered on Brightpath. Pre-primary or Kindergarten students are not charged for. Unless Brightpath is advised differently, schools will be re-invoiced at the start of each subsequent Academic year.
    • Schools which begin their licence part way through the academic year will be charged a pro-rata figure based on the remaining period of the academic year. This pro-rata charge will be offered only for the first year that the school engages with Brightpath. However, students added to the site during the year are charged at the full-year’s fixed cost (there is no pro-rata provision for additional students, and no refund for students who are removed part way through the year).
    • Optional: We can provide assistance with uploading school data to Brightpath for a small fee of $75.
    • The licence grants unlimited access to the selected Brightpath software package selected. During the period of licence, schools are at liberty to use the scales related to those learning areas and may implement as many assessment tasks as they wish. (There are pedagogical considerations in determining the frequency of implementing the assessments.)
    • Schools should be aware that, prior to the start of the academic year, before the new school data is uploaded, there will be a short period when parts of the software will be inaccessible. There may also be periods required for reasonable scheduled maintenance and updates.
    • The power of ‘whole school’ data is greatly enhanced if the entire school works with Brightpath. However, some non-WA schools choose to apply Brightpath only to certain year groups.
    • In adopting its pricing policy, Brightpath has made every effort to make this educational turning point available to as many schools and students as possible.
    • Invoices will be issued to the School. Payment terms are 14 days.

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